ATI Insulation

Specializing in Tanks, Piping,
Removable Insulation Covers,
Towers, Skids, and installation
of heat tracing

"Safe" "Professional" "Quality" "Timely" "Informative" "Detailed" "Support"

ATI, inc. and its team of professionals are here to help you achieve maximum efficiency of your new or existing facility. We offer several services to help you through your new construction process or maintenance of your existing facility. .


  • Industrial Insulation (Cryogenic through Refractory) Storage Tanks, Piping, Equipment, Towers, Skids, Vessels
  • Freeze Protection
  • Removable Insulation Covers
  • Heat Tracing
  • Remote Heating Units (KoldKatcher)
  • Certified Energy Appraisals
  • Proper Material Specification
  • Cross Overs and Free Standing Stairs for elevated entry.

ATI Locations

3185 Hall Avenue
Grand Junction, CO 81504
(970) 255-6715 - Office
(970) 255-6844 - Fax

212 Progress Circle
Mills, Wyoming 82644
(307) 234-2885 - Office
(307) 234-2887 - Fax

365 West 50 North
Vernal, Utah 84078

10500 Havana Court Unit C
Brighton, CO 80601
(303) 286-0106 - Office
(303) 286-0105 - Fax

ATI Contacts

John Gordon
Area Manager - Estimator
Grand Junction, Co.

Christie Gordon
Office Manager
Grand Junction, Co.

Trent McComb
EH&S Manager
Grand Junction, Co.

Scott Gordon
Area Manager - Estimator
Casper, Wy.

Jessica Weaver
Office Manager
Casper, Wy.