HEAT TRACING: Hot Oil, Steam, Glycol

Proper installation and specification of a tracing system is a direct reflection of how efficient a facility operates. ATI, Inc realizes the importance of a proper heat trace installment. Our team of professionals are experts at steam, hot oil, and glycol tracing systems. ATI, Inc installs many different types of tracing applications, from freeze protection to high temperature process applications. We can not only install, but help you to lay out your system and routing specific for your facility and its needs. We are also able to help you troubleshoot your facility for possible design flaws in your existing system.

ATI, Inc can help you design and spec for an addition to your existing facility.
There are many common mistakes made in the industries by companies that do not understand each facility has its own specific characteristics.

Here are some examples of commonly encountered mistakes:

  • Tracing is not properly fit to piping or equipment
  • Incorrect tracing product applied for process or purpose
  • Heat transfer compounds are not utilized throughout process
  • Improper trace connections
  • Wet steam supply
  • Heat loss for each item not considered