Training and Development

Employee Development is Crucial for the Growth of Our Comapny

Advanced Technologies Industrial Insulation, Inc. (ATI, Inc.) is committed to investing in the training and personal development of our employees in every aspect of their career. The investment in training and development of our employees is perhaps the single most important way we guarantee the quality and client service that our clients have come to expect.

Our employees participate in a thorough training program that includes:

1. ATI, Inc. Safety Policy and Procedures. Our Environmental, Health and Safety requirements demand the highest level of control and application of our stringent EH&S policies and procedures. Employees are trained in all aspects of our company’s policy and procedures and understand our commitment to safety from day one.

2. Site Specific Safety Policy and Procedures. Before our employees work in a customer’s facility we give them site specific safety training for each location they are working. The site specific safety plan identifies all hazards associated within the scope of work we are performing. We ensure these site specific programs meet our stringent EH&S policies.

3. Specialty Training. We have two safety training instructors who train employees in everything from PEC Safety basic orientation, American Red Cross CPR and First Aid to site specific training.

4. In-House Skills Training and Testing. Our employee are trained to standards equal to or better than MICA standards by our in-house trainer. Employees are encouraged to participate in the skills and training programs to help develop their career.

5. Third Party Training. Our training goes above and beyond in-house training and our employees benefit form training they receive from: Train the Trainer courses, Knowledge conferences, Team Building activities and Accredited Certification Programs.

6. Weekly Safety Training. Our weekly safety training goes above and beyond your typical “Tailgate Safety Meeting.” Our training includes the most up to date OSHA and Industry specific training needed to develop our employees' careers.

Our employees are our greatest asset, because it’s our employees who make a difference.