Committed to Safety in Everything We Do

ATI Insulation, Inc. respects our employees and clients through our dedication to our rigorous Environmental, Health, and Safety Program

Ongoing training for everyday safety

Everything we do at ATI Insulation, Inc. is tackled from a safety-first stance. As one of the first industrial insulation contractors to place safety coordinators in the field with our crews, our safety training goes beyond paperwork and one-time certifications. We’re able to provide in-the-moment, hands-on education to ensure errors are caught immediately and prevented in the future because our safety coordinators are integrally engaged in every project. ATI is constantly expanding and adapting our safety training to accommodate our company growth and advancing technology in our industry. We keep everyone on our supervisor teams and crews updated through weekly employee trainings

Man in hardhat & safety harness on scaffolding | ATI Insulation, Inc | CO, WY, TX

Our core safety beliefs

ATI’s commitment to safety is a deeply-held, company-wide belief, allowing us to provide a safe, zero-incident environment for our employees and clients. Our Total Recordable Incident Rate (TRIR) is consistently lower than our industry peer group (U.S. Bureau of Labor and Statistics and ISNetworld). This dedication to safety shows as we’ve also been awarded three Theodore H. Brodie Distinguished Safety Awards:

  • 2015 Bronze
  • 2016 Silver
  • 2017 Platinum

The Platinum award is the highest level of accredited mechanical insulation industry safety award in the nation.

Our core safety values

We believe we can achieve a zero-incident workplace by developing and maintaining management systems that allow us to control risk. Managing risk is accomplished through:

  • Identifying hazards in the workplace (What can cause harm)
  • Assessing risks (Seriousness and likelihood of it happening)
  • Controlling risk (Effective control measures)
  • Review of control measures (Are they working?)

We share a personal and professional commitment to protecting the safety and health of our employees and clients

We conduct ourselves and our business affairs in accordance with the highest ethical standards and in compliance with all applicable local and federal laws

We believe investing in workplace training is money well spent

All employees receive training to understand their individual safety and health responsibilities and how to fulfill them. Our full-time Health, Safety, and Environmental team provides each employee with hands-on safety training and personal guidance pertaining to their job.

Safety audits

Our safety audit program is a computer and phone-based inspection program that helps us identify hazards so they can be eliminated, guarded against, or protected.

Our safety audit involves:

  • Systematically going through the workplace to evaluate safety programs and practices within our program
  • Identifying hazards or lapses in safety practices, policies or procedures
  • Measuring and collecting information about the reliability and effectiveness of our Environmental. Health, and Safety program
  • Our audit and inspection program looks at the physical condition of our worksites and helps us to find deficiencies in our Safety Program. We then correct or eliminate a process to prevent further failures.

We are clients of and participate in several safety auditing programs

  • ISNetworld
  • PEC Safety
  • Avetta
  • DISA
  • TPS Alert
Team moving throughout Scaffolding at work site | ATI Insulation, Inc | CO, WY, TX

Our culture of safety in action

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